Sicilian cuisine has its roots in the millennia, often suffering from the cultural influences of very different populations.

Simple and elaborate at the same time, certainly fragrant, colorful and scenographic, it has no equal in the world.

Our dishes, prepared with care, skill and passion, are a perfect synthesis of aromas, tastes and flavors from every corner of our island.

The ingredients used, “photograph” our incessant journey in Sicily: the lost tuma, the zibibbo raisins and the oregano of Pantelleria, the tangerine marmalade of Ciaculli, the fish sauce colatura and the anchovies of Aspra, the Piacentino from Enna (yellow delicate spice cheese), the tuna of “Adelfio, Marzamemi, the DOP olive oils which are simple but precious local treasures here in Sicily.

The pasta “cca nocca” (with anchovies, peas and toasted bread), the donkey medallion(hamburger)and a couple of traditional Palermo dishes are panelle (fried chickpea flour with parsley )and sfincione (thick pizza topped with tomatoes, anchovies, onions cheese and oregano), the rigatoni with capuliato (chopped dried tomato from Pachino), the stocca from Messina, the pesto from Trapani and the spaghetti with zibibbo raisins from Pantelleria and dripping of the Aspra anchovies, just to mention some of our dishes, are evidence of a refined regional cuisine, attentive to the tastes and gastronomic memories of the entire Sicilian territory.