maxi siciliana

The Sicilian pizza is a typical delicacy of the Catania area, a stuffed fried calzone with an irresistible taste and unmistakable taste loved by adults, children and much requested by tourists.

Tumapersa proposes, a maxi Sicilian pizza, which has become famous and considered a real “cult” dish.

Soft, tasty, digestible, never greasy, but above all enormous dimensions, it is born thanks to an ancient recipe, jealously guarded by our chef Duca.

You can taste it in 6 varieties, among these we point out: the traditional one, with fresh peppery, anchovy, fresh onion and olives, and the maxi Sicilian pizza with sausage and broccoli … but also the other 4 are really amazing and will leave you wanting to come back for more….